How To Refinance Corporate Debt

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When current lenders credit capabilities are compromised, our clients need financing alternatives...confidentially.

How to Refinance Corporate Debt:  Considering the current investment banking and debt markets and the fire occurring on Wall Street, it is no surprise that a growing company may be alarmed that the financing that they have in place today may not available tomorrow.  Established companies may want to consider refinancing corporate debt facilities should they feel their current lenders credit capabilities are compromised, either now or by the time those lines mature.

Lantern helps companies CONFIDENTIALLY explore corporate debt refinancing alternatives in order to replace current institutional lenders.

We believe that a company’s best interest is to look for and secure financing separately from (and not alongside) the current lender, as the company can time the transaction on their terms and not based on the broker dealer ‘referral fee’ protocol.

WE ARE NOT A BROKER.  We are an hourly based corporate financial consulting firm that specializes in raising capital for established growing companies.  We don’t accept referral fees, broker fees, or equity as any compensation from any client or institution.

Our methodology is very efficient, effective and proven.  We can very quickly package a company for the market, confidentially solicit institutional interest, and negotiate proposals – clients can expect term sheets as soon as three to five weeks after engaging Lantern to manage the corporate debt refinancing process, and financing in as little time as eight weeks.

We pride ourselves on being FAST, TRUSTED, and COST EFFECTIVE.

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