Lantern Capital Advisors Services

Lantern Capital Advisors experience encompasses helping managers and minority shareholders execute management buyouts that realize control of the business while allowing them to create significant value.

Lantern Capital Advisors has developed a rapid two step corporate financial planning process we call Dynamic Financial Planning.  Unlike bottoms up budgeting or other tedious exercises, our dynamic financial planning approach is a fast and detailed approach to documenting and quantifying your company’s current growth plan, then working to make sure your plan meets your future financial goals or objectives (such as future company valuation).  It’s a detailed financial plan that is both energizing and based on reality (that is-what you have done in the past and what you are committed to in the future).  Equally important, as real life impacts your business, this plan can be adjusted to reflect changes, making your planning more accurate as time passes.

A common growth strategy for our clients is making strategic acquisitions.  Lantern Capital Advisors works with clients in order to successfully arrange and execute single or multiple mergers or acquisitions concurrent with raising the acquisition financing required for a merger or acquisition as determined in the business plan. We help our clients finance acquisitions during the business planning process from issuing letters of intent (LOI) to execution of the acquisition concurrent with raising growth capital.

Lantern helps analyze acquisition targets in order to pre-address how the acquisition will best fit into the corporate financial model and determine the amount of  the acquisition in order to achieve the funding required.

Lantern Capital Advisors, an hourly based corporate financial planning firm and corporate financial consultant, is an alternative to investment banking.  Just like an investment banker, we help our clients comprehend the mandatory steps required to go public.   We help clients identify, interview and select numerous quality underwriters.  Once our clients select their underwriters, we assist our clients during the due diligence phase, and monitor the company’s progress to ensure our clients realize their initial objectives post IPO.

Based in Atlanta, GA, Lantern Capital Advisors is an independent corporate financial consulting firm succeeding in developing comprehensive business plans and raising growth capital for entrepreneurs and management.

We deliver substantial value for our clients by assisting them with:

Corporate Debt Refinance
Raising Capital for Growth
Buying Out A Business Partner
Corporate Business Plan Development
Business Strategy Assessment
Owner Liquidity Events
Acquisition Financing
Management Buyout
Corporate Financial Planning

Raise Capital

Raise Capital:  Lantern Capital Advisors has experience successfully helping growing enterprises and entrepreneurs raise capital with revenues that typically range from $5 Million to $150 Million.